Rue Salvatore. Daughter of Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett. 12 years old. She's a witch like her mother, and is still trying to learn the basics. She's a very gentle person, and loves her family more than anything. Rue may be a witch, but there's so much more to her than the magic.
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Everything had happened so fast, the young girl’s mind still had not fully processed the attack. One moment, she was practicing spells in the living room, attempting to levitate a can of soda, and the next there was a blur of blonde and a knife in her chest. She looked down at the bloody weapon, as if she were mesmerized by it. Suddenly, the creaking sound of the front door opening caught Rue’s attention, and she looked up at the door to find her mother staring at her, eyes widening as she took in the scene before her. “M-Mommy…” She whispered, putting her hands on the weapon and pulling it out of her chest, eyes following the object as it clamored onto the floor. Looking back up at her mother, the little girl’s body slumped to the floor, feeling arms catch her before she could hit her head against the ground.